Lullaby of the Lilitu Ebook


“I don’t remember who I am. All I know is that I’m His and nothing else matters. But He’s got secrets and something within me burns to know the truth. How much am I willing to sacrifice to get it?”

For centuries, gods have walked the earth besides humans. Now, a young woman awakens to find she’s one of them.

Full-grown and with no memory of a life before now, Rio is content to be counted among the world’s elite and follow the path her father, Kaien, has laid before her. That is, she’s happy until her memories start to return, accompanied by increasingly dangerous nightmares.

Soon, more than nightmares plague her. A mysterious woman Kaien knew long ago has returned–and she’s determined to destroy everything he loves.

Unfortunately for Rio, that includes her. Scores will be settled, blood will flow, and a family will be tested.

Dive into the world of Lilitu and experience a classic world with a modern twist!
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