For centuries, gods have walked the earth beside humans. Now, a young woman awakens to find she’s one of them.

Full-grown and with no memory of a life before now, Rio is content to be counted among the world’s elite. That is, she’s happy until her memories start to return, accompanied by increasingly dangerous nightmares.

Soon, more than nightmares plague her. A mysterious woman Rio’s father knew long ago has returned–and she’s determined to destroy everything he loves.

Unfortunately for Rio, that includes her.

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Take a journey into a heart on display with this stellar collection of poems that span a short, but emotionally driven lifetime.

This collection includes poems previously published, as well as never-before-seen works from the author. If you’re looking to be touched and inspired, this book is for you!

In Voices of Christmas, three young authors come together to bring you holiday chills and thrills!

Gifts can be shared, paraded around, or exploited. In A CHILD FOR CHRISTMAS, Brianna and Rashad’s happy marriage is tested beyond measure by a new arrival. From straying eyes and tainted lies, there is more than merely meets the eye.

Catch this story and the others anytime. Not just the holidays!

A faerie prince struggles to protect his beloved while his secrets threaten to pull them apart.

A young monk is forced to choose between love, secrets and a primal pagan power within her blood.

A Hollywood agent navigates the dangerous secrets behind the charming facade of her newest—and most famous—client.

A young woman sends secret loving glances up a Brooklyn Brownstone towards the woman who’s caught her eye while a cute waitress takes her order.

Voices of Romance is the newest installment from the Voices of Color writing collective, exploring the complexity of navigating romance at the intersections of race, gender, and sexual orientation. Focused on the spice of life, Voices of Romance is propelled by variety, making each story as unique as the authors writing them.

Romance is in the air. And in the dark. Are you daring enough to find it?

When twelve-year-old Sukie Orenda learns that her foster parents are sending her back to the children’s home, she’s devastated. In an effort to escape her sadness, she decides to lose herself in a book, a gift from her foster mother. To Sukie’s surprise, the book pulls her in and she finds herself in a fantastical world full of magic and mayhem!

Soon, she’s immersed in the land of Faerfall, following her book’s main character Faolann on a mission to rescue the young witch’s parents. Join Sukie and Faolann as they face terrifying monsters, cross a dangerous desert, and forge a friendship like no other. You won’t want to stop even after the story’s ended!

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