You may have noticed that all of our old blog posts have disappeared. That’s because I felt it wise to streamline my various brands and give this site a whole new blog set up. Sure, integrating my witchiness with my writing life is still a goal, but I want to make it easier for each different community to find what they’re looking for. So, the blog has been moved to my Maiden’s Circle website. Find it at

Of course, I can’t leave this site bare and unloved, so I’ll be moving all my book reviews here! You may have read my reviews on Goodreads or some other sites, and I’ll also be adding them to this site from now on. I’ll go ahead and add the ones that are already up tonight (January 20th). These reviews come whenever I finish a book that left me with feelings. You may find reviews of books from our Recommended Reading page, but I’ll probably add others, too! We’re keeping it flexible.

recommended reading whole new blog

In addition to reviews, I’ll add any writing related thoughts and whatnot here. So, it’ll be a proper-ish blog. That said, I won’t post with any particular schedule, just when it feels right. I want to keep this fun and not make the same mistake I did with my previous blog. That is, I don’t want to make it feel like work. I just want to be able to express my writing thoughts.

I hope you enjoy what I have in store for you. This new format feels like the right step and I’ve been considering it for a while now. Hopefully, this will allow my readers on both sites to find what they’re looking for and be a little less confused. That was bad planning on my part. I’ll do better in the future. Thank you for being here on this journey.

Until next time, friend,