This review was posted on Goodreads in August of 2019. I fell in love with the series and reviewed the fourth book, Winter. These were my thoughts. The first two books in the Lunar Chronicles series, Cinder and Scarlet, make an appearance on our Recommended Reading list. My review of the third book, Cress, was posted yesterday.

My favorite of the bunch!

I don’t know if I can say more than I have in the last three reviews. I love this book. I LOVED this series. (I mean, seriously, it hasn’t taken me less than a month to read even a single book since I was in high school…I breezed through this series in two!) And Winter may be my favorite character in the whole group…and that’s saying a lot, because all of the “good guys” are really hard not to love. You’d have to be some sort of cold-hearted, delusional, twisted moon queen to dislike them.

Winter is Levana’s stepdaughter, and she may truly be the fairest of them all…much to Levana’s displeasure. Not only is she beautiful and beloved by the people of Luna, but her personality makes her impossible to hate (unless, again, you’re a ticked off queen with some messed up self-image issues).

The worst part about this book was the ending…not because it was bad, but because this amazing story is over. I’ll be grabbing the other works related to this series in the future, but I’m definitely never going to forget the journey Marissa Meyer took my mind on. This was a stellar series!

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