This review was posted on Goodreads in July of 2019. I fell in love with the series and decided to give it a shot, following Cinder with Scarlet. These were my thoughts. This book makes an appearance on our Recommended Reading list.

Just as fun as the first!

I really like to think I’m the world’s slowest reader. Yet, somehow, I’m already on the next book in this series in under a month. I haven’t read through a full series since the Vampire Chronicles, and I definitely haven’t read this fast since before puberty!

These books are so much fun to read and so interesting. I haven’t met a character I don’t like. I mean, Levana is an unlikable person, but an intriguing character. And the mains…don’t get me started. So far, I love them all. Cress (title character of the third book) is a darling. Cinder, Wolf, Scarlet, Thorne, Kai…I love them all. Probably in that order. (And, of course, the immeasurable delight that is our sweet Iko.)

Two books and six chapters in and I’m still really loving this series.