This review was posted on Goodreads in June of 2019. I received a copy of Blood Moon Magic from the author in exchange for a review. These were my thoughts. This book hasn’t yet made an appearance on our Recommended Reading list, but it may in the future.

Just missed the mark…

I was really intrigued by the concept of a Fae-Vampire hybrid and want to applaud the author for showing us a different kind of Fae, if mainly in the fact that Mauri is of mixed race and her Fae mother was black. That’s NOT common in fantasy works when it comes to portraying Faefolk. So, seeing that kind of representation meant a lot to me. In addition, as a witchy woman myself, I LOVED seeing a witch who was not only a total “good guy,” but who had an engaging and badass personality.

That said, both she and Mauri were occasionally described with some coded language that made me uncomfortable (“sass” being one of them…describing a woman of color as “sassy” comes with a whole load of painful historical context). There was also the moment Mauri sees someone she likes. The character is described in a pretty Aryan-bro way. Precisely: blond hair, blue eyes, most beautiful person Mauri had *ever* seen. This is most likely a blindside of the author and I didn’t feel any malicious intent behind it, but I do think she would have done well to have a few more readers who could help her better describe those characters.

All of the characters were distinct in their personalities. Elizabeth was such a delight. I really loved her and dreamt about her and Rowan running away together!

Blood Moon Magic had a very YA feel, even though I think it’s technically NA. Often, I wondered if Mauri was a teen just out of high school, despite her job. It took me a while to read, not because it’s slow (in fact, I felt the plot moved a bit faster at times than I’d prefer). But I’m not a big YA person. Even though I enjoyed the characters’ personalities, I didn’t care very deeply for any of them other than Rowan and, possibly, Elizabeth. I put the book down for days at a time because I simply wasn’t interested in Mauri’s journey. The conflict wasn’t really there for me until around the 60% mark. Of course, that’s just me. I’m pretty picky.

All in all, if you like vampires, Fae, witches, London, YA vibes in a New Adult skin, sweet semi-romance, light reading, and fantasy magic–as in fireballs flying out of people’s hands and the ability to conjure things out of seemingly nowhere–then you might enjoy this book. I think this might be a debut novel, as I received it as a review copy. If so, it’s a pretty strong effort, for sure.

Despite the cons, Blood Moon Magic, Fanged Fae #1 had interesting characters, great locations and, most importantly, charming vampires and a lot of blood. I don’t think I’ll read the next one, but I have no doubt there will be plenty of readers who love this series.