This review was posted on Goodreads in March of 2018. A friend recommended that I read Octavia Butler’s amazing novel Kindred, and these were my thoughts. This book also makes an appearance on our Recommended Reading list.

This was exactly what I needed.

I recommend this book to anyone. It’s a beautiful read and Octavia Butler’s use of language is almost poetic while still being perfectly matter-of-fact and so real. A friend suggested I read Kindred, thinking it was Butler’s other book Fledgling (which is also on my TBR list). Even though he was wrong, I found myself on a journey through time and space.

Having grown up in Mississippi, her representations of the Antebellum South brought back more modern memories of things that are still going on down there. So much of this book angered me, made me sad, made me laugh. I couldn’t outright hate any of the major characters, probably because Dana herself couldn’t. I was so caught up in her mind and somehow happy to be there, despite all the terrible things happening.

Every time I put the book down, Dana’s voice echoed in my head until I had to pick it back up. Finally I just stayed up through the 7 hours usually reserved for sleep to finish the whole thing. I’ll probably be reading it again some years down the line.

Again, I recommend this book to everyone. (The edition I got also has a fascinating essay at the end on Octavia Butler and this book. It’s wonderful!)