Jebediah Jericho Johnson.  What a dreadful sort of name he was given.  Poor unfortunate man—even worse was the life he was livin’. 

Poor Jebediah suffered a defect, that  put a mean look in his eye.  When he smiled, he looked meaner.  His grin made it obscener, and caused any who saw him to cry. 

Poor Jebediah Jericho Johnson.  What a sad existence he had.  It was said that any woman who’d love him, had to be completely mad. 

Poor Mr. Johnson was lonely.  He was missing two toes, had a crook in his nose…It’s true, he was much more than homely. 

Jebediah Jericho Johnson.  He could do nothing other than hide.  He spent his life alone and rejected.  Sadly, that’s just how he died.©


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