Take a journey into a heart on display with this stellar collection of poems that span a short, but emotionally driven lifetime. Follow the author Victoria Wilder as she shares with you her most vulnerable thoughts.  This collection includes poems previously published, as well as never-before-seen works from the author.  In her own words, “each [poem is] a snapshot of my heart through various times. I ask that you are kind, for you’ll see that my heart is more fragile than she seems.” Victoria’s words are often empowering, sometimes funny, and always powerful. She speaks with an awareness of her own flaws, but seeks to embrace the greatness she believes all people possess. If you’re looking to be touched and inspired, this book is for you!
In a world where gods are known to walk the earth, a young woman awakens to find she’s one of them. Fully grown and with no memory of a life before now, Rio is content to be counted among the world’s elite. That is, she’s happy until her memories start to return, accompanied by increasingly dangerous nightmares. Along with Rio’s memories, another piece of the past returns. Someone Rio’s father knew long ago–and she’s not happy until she destroys everything he loves. Unfortunately for Rio, that includes her.