Thank you for downloading these free Bullet Journal spreads

The best thing about a Bullet Journal is that it’s perfect for customization. 

Take these spreads and change them however you want.

Use what you like; ignore the rest.

Click here to download as a PDF and get ready for a year of accomplishment! >>> 

But what if these don’t work?

Therein lies the beauty of the journal. YOU decide what works and YOU decide why and how.

Do you know what you want for 2020? Do you know how to get it? Bullet Journals aren’t just for scheduling.

My Journal is easily my favorite tool for setting and achieving goals. I’ve significantly improved my life since I began using it.

Of course, I can’t give all the credit to the Journal. It is, after all, just a notebook.

However, with the help of that notebook, I have been able to consistently stick to goals, create a healthy spiritual and physical routine, and increase my overall productivity.

In under a year, I went from no book in seven years to one full manuscript, another novel drafted, two non-fiction books in the works (now published), and so much more that is already creating change in my life!

I strongly believe that the only reason a Bullet Journal wouldn’t work is if

A) You just hate journals (there’s a chance you just haven’t found the right one, as I used to fall squarely in this category)


B) You aren’t letting it work for you and you’re sabotaging your own success.

Bullet Journals are meant to work with the user, but they’re useless if you don’t actually use them. Take your life in your hands.

Make every year YOUR year. I’m rooting for you!